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Istanbul & Turkey Tours

We provide tours and packages for Istanbul and all around Turkey.

Imperial Tour

Duration: 4 Hours Type: halfday Price: EUR 30

The fabled capital of three great empires - Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, Istanbul is steeped in almost 3,000 years of history. The greatest concentration of landmarks is found in Istanbul's oldest district, Sultanahmet, an awe-inspiring expanse of leafy parks, Byzantine cathedrals, Greek statuary, bustling bazaars and imposing mosques with towering, slender minarets.
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Ottoman Wonders

Duration: 4 Hours Type: halfday Price: EUR 30

The best way to appreciate the splendor of the Ottoman Empire, which once held sway over three continents, is to visit its actual and symbolic center: Topkapi Palace. Then pay a visit to the finest of all Ottoman mosque complexes, the Rustem Pasa Mosque

Grand Tour

Duration: 8 Hours Type: fullday

Full day tour combines Imperial Tour and Ottoman Wonders tour and includes lunch.

Bosphorus Cruise Morning Tour

Duration: 4 Hours Type: halfday

Bosphorus literally means "cow-ford", so named because Zeus' s mistress, Io, fled across the strait in the shape of a cow to escape the wrath of Zeus's wife, Hera. Myth aside, the legendary waterway is as dazzlingly beautiful now as it was in antiquity. No visit to Istanbul is complete without a cruise along its physical and spiritual heart, the glistening waters that link Europe to Asia, that join the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara.

Bosphorus Cruise Afternoon Tour

Duration: 4 Hours Type: halfday

A leisurely cruise along the fabulous Bosphorus, starting near the Black Sea and taking us past Ottoman palaces, wooden 19th century waterfront mansions, modern pleasure palaces and fortresses. The perfect opportunity for taking photographs along both shores of this fabled waterway.

Asia and Beylerbeyi Palace

Duration: 4 Hours Type: halfday

Travel to another continent across the Bosphorus Bridge, a graceful span connecting Asia and Europe. Then admire the view from Camlica, a wooded hilltop, Beylerbeyi, an imperial waterfront palace on the shores of the Bosphorus, and the famed Maiden's Tower, located at the mouth of the Sea of Marmara. .

Bosphorus and Asian Shore Tour

Duration: 8 Hours Type: fullday

Full day tour combines Bosphorus tour and Asian tour (includes lunch).